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Ron Deuce

Ron Deuce, an artist from South Berkeley, CA, was born with a passion in performing arts. At the age of 11, Deuce was required to cite poetry skillfully taught by his 6th grade teacher Ms. Hall which gave him the foundation to eventually create songs and write lyrics. Growing up, Ron Deuce turfed dance until one day forming the rap group called “The Teknitionz” which featured deuce and 3 of his childhood friends from South Berkeley. In 2007, The Teknitionz were presented with an appreciation award from the city of Berkeley for inspiring creativity and drive amongst the youth of the city. Ron Deuce brands himself off of his lifestyle and motto of "truth." What began as a way to occupy time, instead of hanging out in the streets, flourished into a career choice once Ron Deuce enrolled at Pinnacle Sound Master College in Sacramento, CA. It was there at Pinnacle College that Ron Deuce gained skills in post production, audio engineering, and mastering audio. Upon graduation, Ron Deuce moved to Los Angeles in the year 2012 to push his career further. Ron Deuce is currently a rap artist, actor, and certified audio engineer. Having lost many friends and acquaintances to gun violence, Ron Deuce strives to promote peace and truth through his music which is influenced by Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, and also R&B.